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House Wine

House Wines

We Proudly Serve Wines From:
Nathanson Creek - White Zinfandel. Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon
Glen Ellen - Pinot Grigio
Glass $4.50 | Half Carafe $10.50


Wines Below Listed From Sweeter in Style To Drier.

Moscato, Flip Flop Winery

Light bodied with floral aromas, semi-sweet palate and a soft lingering finish.
Glass $5.00 | 1/2 Carafe $12.00

Riesling, Yellow Tail

Hints of citrus aromas. Luscious and lively bursting with fresh fruit and full flavors.
Glass $5.00 | 1/2 Carafe $12.00

Sauvignon Blane, Sutter Home

Glass $5.00    1/2 Carafe $12.00                

Red Blend, Sutter Home

Rich and smooth, this blend of Zinfandel, Merlot and Cabernet carries notes of vanilla and spicy oak

Glass $5.50 | 1/2 Carafe $12.75

Merlot, Stone Cellars

It is ful of ripe cherry and black stone fruit on the nose, along with a hint of mint
Glass $5.00 | 1/2 Carafe $12.00

Banty Red, Bully Hill

$5.00                  $12.00

White Zinfandel, Beringer

Fresh red berry, citrus and melon aromas with subtle hints of nutmeg and vanilla.
Glass $5.00 | 1/2 Carafe $12.00

Lambrusco, Riunite

Fruity, fizzy and refreshing.
Glass $5.00 | 1/2 Carafe $12.00

Pinot Noir, Yellow Tail

Vibrant cherry and raspberry flavors. Earthy notes add structure to this well-balanced red wine.
Glass $5.00 | 1/2 Carafe $12.00

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